Assessing services of artisans made easier

Assessing the services of artisans such as carpenters, plumbers and masons have been made easier through the introduction of a new application called Maariba.

The application, which can be downloaded with both analogue and digital phones make it possible to reach artisans for their
services, with an assurance of their competence and trustworthiness.

Mr Mark Akanko Achaw, the Chief Executive Officer of Maariba, who launched the application in Accra on Thursday, said it
was unfortunate that after completing technical and vocational training programmes, most artisans had to wait for long periods before gaining employment.

He said whilst some artisans got overburdened with contracts, others had very few or none, “not because there is a shortage
of clients, but because potential clients do not know of their existence.”

Mr. Achaw said a recent survey by Maariba showed that majority of artisans were currently underemployed, with most of
them working only about 32 percent of their capacities, with a few actually overloaded with work.

He said the application, therefore, bridged that gap enhanced job creation and ensured the convenience and security of
both the client and service provider.

Mr. Achaw said with the attention the government was paying to technical and vocational education and training, Maariba would help increase productivity and income levels of artisans and also contribute towards formalizing the informal

Maariba was incorporated in August 2018 as a Limited Liability Company focused on unlocking new job opportunities for

Source: Ghana news agency